Where is HDMI-in?

Literally every day, there is an announcement on one of the gadget sites about a new tablet. Whether it comes pre-loaded with the Android OS, Windows 7 (or perhaps the just-announced Windows mobile OS?), or the ever popular Mac iOS, what all these portable devices and tablets have in common is this: gorgeous high resolution screens, often reaching HD resolution.

Many of these devices also share another feature: HDMI.  But guess what?  It’s always, always, always HDMI output, never input.  Even if the various manufacturers had no interest in selling these as low cost external monitors to HDSLR users, are you telling me that no one wants to attach their digital cameras or camcorders via HDMI to a tablet?  No one?

What would be so hard about allowing for a two-way signal anyway?  Is it a firmware fix?  Can it be hacked?  I swear to god I have seen HDMI-out listed on every single spec sheet of every single tablet and portable media player on the market.  And I’ve checked.

A tablet would be a perfect accessory for a Canon 7D.  It’s light, with an internal, rechargeable battery that, in some instances, could last an entire day without a new charge.  Also, custom Picture Styles could be loaded throughout the day straight from the tablet — one less reason to bring the laptop.

It’s a no-brainer.  It’s the only thing stopping everyone in the HDSLR universe from jumping in and buying tablets.  Say it with me!  HDMI-in!


3 responses to “Where is HDMI-in?

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  2. I agree entirely. So many phones have hdmi video out so let me watch my stuff on a portable screen. It’d be even better if Bluetooth could handle the bandwidth needed to stream video well from smartphone to tablet somehow. Any platform. I’d jump to that platform if it was there…

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