What I Missed at NAB

Well, yet again this year I was unable to go to NAB.  In past years this wouldn’t have bothered me all that much — for a decade or so it seemed like video technology was stuck in a rut — but now with HDSLRs, I really wish I had been there.

If one website has done anything to soften the blow of my crushing disappointment, it would have to be FreshDV.  Man are they amazing!  I cannot believe how many interviews they conducted, how knowledgeable their correspondents Matthew Jeppsen and Kendal Miller are, and how quickly they posted their new interviews online.

So thank you FreshDV for making my NAB-less week a little brighter.

Some of the highlights from their coverage:

I really liked the piece on IDC with Bruce Dorn.  I don’t own any IDC products yet, but am definitely interested in their follow focus.  I love their gearless approach and the fact that each system is built for a specific Canon model.

How about ProPrompter!  Wow, that is cool.  Personally, I’m more intrigued by the iPhone solution than the iPad one, but maybe that’s just ’cause I’m cheap.

Loved the Zeiss interview with Rich Schleuning.  Very informative.

The new Jag35 gear was also cool.  I’m incredibly in synch with Jag35’s approach of creating affordable gear for independent producers and filmmakers.

And what can I say about the Goran Olsson of Ikonoskop interview?

It was fantastic!  I loved Goran’s honesty, loved the A-cam dII prototype (and want one really badly), and loved the half-drunk bottles of Heineken on the table.  Call me crazy, but I think this could be the killer camera of 2011.  I imagine we’ll read the first reviews some time in the fall, and I really can’t wait.  It will take Canon lenses, integrate nicely with HDSLR equipment, and really offer clients an incredibly detailed, rich image.

There was of course, tons of other intriguing gear showcased at NAB, and I encourage you to look at the whole collection of FreshDV interviews.  I’m sure people will get excited about the new Zacuto viewfinder, the RedRock Micro iPhone-powered auto-focus system, and a whole slew of other products.

And, for my part, I intend to immediately start planning for my trip to next year’s NAB!

Update (04/17/10): A lot of these short clips from DSLR News Shooter were posted later in the week, but they’re also worth a look: Ikan; Genus; Letus; Jag35


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